Monday, December 31, 2007

1st Day of 2008

Thought I would return back to blogging on my first day of 2008.

Was away from work since 19th Dec and practically did holiday was kinda new for me. No hassle and no pressure of planning and making sure the plan was working accordingly...For the first time also , I did not receive urgent calls from office during this break. Some lesson learned:-

1) Don't plan! Don't even think what you need to do for the day....just wake up and follow your heart.. you will surprise how at ease you will be.

2) Take leave when your colleagues or bosses are also on leave.....Why? So they don't call you! Seriously...I used to think that the best time to be in the office was when your bosses/colleagues are away and you can lepak in the office ....Wrong! They will call you when you are on leave!...Unless you are the type where you get the kick that your are very important at work and your office can't live without you!!!

3) I realised that I tend to spend more when I am on a break...even without holidays... By now I know every corner of Pavilion, Gardens Mid Valley....where to park your car the best so that you can get out of the building fast during peak hours....Oh the staff at Starbucks will be giving me my spot in their Halls of Fame soon...kekeke. So need to cut down the length of holidays or cut out my credit in my next long holiday plan.

Well in the last 15 days of break, attended a few outings:

1) A Christmas Eve wedding lunch.... It was an college mate wedding. He was 39 and the bride 25....looks like the trend now or its my age....anyway ...a nice simple lunch reception and meeting some old college mates....but have to find excuses not to attend wedding invitations anymore...cos running out of ideas how to explain me being still "single"....urggh....hate straight weddings....

2) Later part that nite....had a small Christmas Eve gathering with my wife and his k'sistas'...its was nice and cosy.....and minus the gift exchanges which has become very overbearing in some past parties that we attended.

3) Last Nite... New Year's eve was our 5th Anniversary....Arranged a nice chinese dinner at Yu Jia Restaurant in Jalan Imbi with my wife's 'sistas'....The food was great and I highly recommend this restaurant for a good fine chinese dining. After dinner, we walked to Bkt Bintang....well it was really happening ....The street was jammed packed with people and the mood was great!...We sat and gathered at the Dome ....its was the only place we could the count down began, the revellers were spraying the fake snow....which I thought was a little late right for Christmas....anyway it was forgiven as everyone was really high!......Then came the firework which my wife enjoyed so much.....He was a like a little kid shouting out with every firework display.....Oh as promised to wife...I presented him our first diamond ring.....though a small one but promised it will grow to a bigger one our next 8th anniversary....kekeke...

Well 15 days of break had just passed by so quickly...but it is one of my better break.... and now I itching to get to back to work....I think thats how a break from work so be....don't you think so?....

Happy New Year everyone.....may you have a blessed year ahead of you....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Past 12 months

Ok. I thought I could come back in Mid Dec to update...but I didn't....why? simple...lazy ....
Anyway after having read the comment from my fellow blogger, Magus, I thought i would come back to recall the good,bad and so so for the last 12 months before the year 2007 comes to a close...

Lets start with the Past 12 months

The Good

1. My honeymoon holiday with my wifey. The best we have had and he really gave a great birthday gift.

2. Thailand. Why? Both of us have visited Chiang Mai , Bangkok, Phuket in the last 6 months of 2007. We were supposed to go Krabi in Nov but postponed it to March next year...But Thailand is definitely our no. 1 holiday destination.

3. Sex Life. Never been better and we are still at it every week even though we been together for 5 years. ...kekeke... ( Magus u might think me as ham sap...but good sex is always good for your heart and soul....hahaha )

4. Our 5th anniversary. This year we celebrated our 5 years together and promised to take one day at a time and see and how far we go. Presented my wife his first diamond ring ( refer to my Wedding blog )... though a small carat but will grow to a bigger one as we go along...I promised.

5) Aging. Yup...I think I am aging quite well ( yeah you may say 37 is still young ) but with the passing of days and nites so fast....I can't complain that I am even more healthier and upbeat compared to when I was 30.

The So So

1) Work....Could be better as they say. Not that bad but just say could be better. Was able to travel for business trip quite often this year but the end results matters more. Will strive to do better next year.

The Bad

1) Friends with Cancer. Received 2 news from 2 colleagues who were stricken with Colon cancer. It was shocking to me as both have good health practices it hit me hard to know that cancer strikes when you least expected. Thank goodness both of them are responding well to the chemo treatment.

2) My Temper. This year my temper has hit a record high. Need to keep that in check otherwise I may get myself into lots of unnecessary trouble.

So it looks like a short recap of 2007....why? Cos time really flew by so fast that we tend not remember every single detail and only the significant ones stayed vividly in our mind.

I shall return again with my resolution for 2008....huh...if I am not that lazy....Hahaha..

Happy New Year everyone... Cheers.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Countdown to 2008

Oh my god....its already 3oth Nov 2007! Wat the d fuck....11 months has gone and I can still remember what I did on 31st Dec 2006...Are we living in a super duper fast track time capsule?

I thought it was because of age that time does flies faster but a conversation with a Starbuck Barista yesterday showed otherwise ...she is 21 by the way...and she sighed that time flies very fast....So its not age then....Has our living habits/styles changed that makes us think that time really gone pass very fast now or the earth had spun faster than we realised it.

Hmm...maybe I should try out something new here....put up a blog everyday in the month of December...track down what I do...will it be a good idea? or just leave as it is and come back again 30th Nov 2008 to revisit this year's resolution....did i manage to keep mine? I shall come back on that in mid Dec...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pavillion vs The Gardens Vs Sunway Pyramid

Hah, thought I would return to update my blog on the latest shopping happening/opening in KL

You see both my wife and me are kinda shopaholic!!...we just love to spend the weekend window shoppings...Well all gays are shopaholic aren't we....How would the shops survived without our PINK dollars...

Lets start with Pavillion.

The first of the 3 malls that had rushed to open its doors for the Raya festivals. Well me being me...I was one of the kiasu....went to pay a visit on the first day( errr....later found out my wife even more steady....he was there before the official opening!! ) Expecting it to be kinda still under heavy renovation, to my surprise they managed to open quite a number of stores. First impression....the stores windows displays are huge and kinda overwhelming for the ladies accessory shop BONITA...the Ah Lian shop with large window display....wah lau eh!!...overall it does look like SIAM Paragon. The layout is nice and kinda balanced. But the disappointment is the lack of new brands.....Its the same everywhere....Couple of new F&B outlets .....Essperamante and The Loaf....Well I would say Essperamante stands out and definitely would be the next gay hang out for people watching......Was there with my wife over the Raya weekend....met some of our kakis...and one bitch called us the "Kopi Ching" ( Queen of Coffee Cafe ) ....cos both of us always hang out in cafes over the weekend... The Loaf is your upmarket bakery...owned by Mahatir.....well maybe people are it gets crowded on the weekends.... but i would say the Chilli Foccacia bread is kinda nice.

Oh one thing I notice....we Malaysian are as kiasu as Singapore now...u see when I was in Singapore... there is this Donut shop called Donut Factory where kiasu singaporean will be in long que to buy ....Well now this same scenario is at the J.CO Donut shop..... the long que is there everyday!!!.....deja vu...remember roti boy ???....will this last?...time will tell...

My favourite hang out......Starbuck on the 6th Floor. Quiet and cozy on weekdays.

The Gardens

This mall opened a week later. Well I didn't rush to visit it ....went on the second day of opening...hahaha.....First impression....messy and dusty!!!.... how can allow that!.....My wife kinda like this place better because he likes the woody panelling and earthy feelings... They had 2 anchors tenants Isetan and Robinsons....well Isetan was a bored...seriously not worth your time ....KLCC outlet would be better. Ah...the old Robinsons from across the causeway is here....It was refreshing to have new label in town....and the customer service so far....impressive...hopefully they can sustain that smiley face....u had not been that good.....there were hardly any crowd considered it was the Raya festival... very soon they would need to see how to bring in the crowd. Again not much new outlets/brands to shout about.. The F&B recommendation would be the DIN TA Fung ( famous Taiwan dumpling rest) and the Purple Cane Restaurant. Had tried Din Ta Fung in Taiwan and the quality almost the same ...but a bit pricey compared to Dragon-I....Purple Cane is a nice change if you enjoyed tea and much less oily cooking style....Now waiting for the opening of the new GSC Premium Cinema to see what is all about...

My favourite hang out.....Starbuck on Level 2.....hmmm....see some similiarity.... : )

Sunway Pyramid

Of the 3 this was the last to open and rank last of my list......cos its just not exciting at all....maybe it was not gay enough...hahaha...seriously...the outlets are so Ah Bengs and Ah Lians leh....go check out and you will agree. I have only spent 1 hour and I wanted to get out....The new California opened in the old wing....of the 3 California gyms .....this place is cozier ....but not happening cos ...all young Ah Beng crowd and not appetising!! hahaha....

The recommendation would be the Restoran Ole Ole Bali in the old wing.....The food is good and ambience ok but don't sit out side cos you are sharing the walkway with its not nice passer by staring at you while you eat...

My favourite hangout....cuba teka?

Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Health vs Wealth

Over the last week, the major newspaper had highlighted the plight of Hui Yi. Thank goodness for the kind human being that we have around us to give Hui Yi a second chance in life. Her plight really touched everydbody and the sacrificed by the donors' families. May god bless them and their kids' soul. My eyes welled up the other day when I saw the sweet smiley picture of the guy which provided Hui Yi the second heart. The anguished face of his parents and the relieved face of Hui Yi's parents was just really overwhelming the same time. To the IJN doctors, my kudos. It bring back some confident back in my thought that Malaysia is not that bad after all albeit all the stupid politicians who trying to take position and credits on this situation.

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet and chat with my colleague that is stricken with cancer.....Since she broke the news to me about 2 months ago, I did not visit her and met her..It was just sms and a couple of calls....Maybe I was afraid to see her face to face...dont know what to tell her or say....It was pretty awkward for me yesterday.

To my surprise , she looked pretty upbeat when I chatted. Apart of her cropping her hair short, I could not detect anything else in wrong with her or she is a cancer patient. She shared some of her experience on what she went through since the doctor broke the news to her....She is now trying to be more positive to move ahead .....Doctors say she will only know if she is out of the woods in 5 years time...So to her, she is living everyday now to the fullest....even though she may occasionally get knocked down with the chemo session she needs to go through....In fact the docs had implanted a metal component in her body for the chemo drips....she was jokingly saying that she is now a droid....

One incident she shared that really touched me was about her writing her will on the eve of her operation day...She cried and cried while writing the will ...she is single by the way and lived with her aged mother....when she finished her will she realised that she needs to get 2 witness signatory....and there was not enough quorum at she drove out to another friend's place to get the friend signed the will as witness....That really tugged my heart...seriously...

So it got to me thinking....even I had all the money/wealth and having to put them on a will .....what for!! if I do not have good health to enjoy it!

So what is your choice?

I will live to the fullest each and every day... earned enough to get through a healthy day everyday.....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

881: The Papaya Girls......Me & Myself

Thought I would return to update on my last blogs with 2 movies I caught over the last weekend.

Lets start with 881: The Papaya Girls.

This Singapore movie received rave reviews in Singapore and was a box office there. Unfortunately it wasn't the same here. Maybe very little publicity and we are just anti-Singapore...kiasu atititude...Anyway I went to catch this movie with my wife.....we anticipated that this will be typical Singapore comedy movie. Well yes true but it also had its touching moments....First with the comedy....the movie was in Hokkien most of the you must know the language to enjoy it...there were few good comedic moments....the most memorable one what when the main characters were performing the "Ta Siu Yan" ( in cantonese) ceremony in English.....It was literally translated as 'Hit the Little Man"......The audience was roaring with laughter with scene ...even though there were only 30 of us in the whole cinema....Yeah the other comedic moment was not from the movie....but more to do with the aunty sittin behind me...I tell you ....she was cursing the bitch characters in the movie......she was cursing quite loud .....both my wife and I chuckled...

The touching moment came when one of the lead characters was diagnosed with cancer. The scene where she went through the process of chemo .....dropping hair....and death....really has my eyes welling with tears.....caused it brought me to think my friend situation...She is going through chemo now....and there already changes in her outlook....its scares you and also show how vulnerable we are against this disease....I just prayed that she will be strong.....
To me everyday likes there is no tomorrow.

2nd Movie: Me & Myself

Bought this DVD for a few weeks already but never had the chance to watch....So on Sunday evening decided to catch with my DVD collections while my wife attended a wedding dinner.

This is a Thai movie which was a hit in Thailand....and again not here...A sensitive and romantic movie for me....The story is about a guy who was accidentally hit by this car driven a girl....the guy got amnesia ....girl had to bring back and take care of guy...after a while ..girl fall for guy....had sex...then wah la....guy woke up from amnesia....only to know he is gay!....Guy had to leave girl....girl and gay guy got confused...the question posed....would the girl want to have queer husband!.....Can this happened in real life? There was a scene in the movie that depicts how this guy was 'transformed' from an innocent sweet baby to being a gay!...You see the baby was orphaned and grew up in a environment surrounded by transvestite its his surrounding that caused him to be gay and not born gay...if I think that the movie was trying to tell you.....ah hah really? The movie ended with the girl and guy decided to accept the fact and to be best friends.....touching.

To me ....being gay is something we have to accept as our own responsibility and our own choice and live with it.

So how was your weekend.....

Monday, September 10, 2007


My fellow blogger, Magusyoung, highlighted that its been a while I have updated my blog....well been kinda like busy for the last few weeks and lazy....ah laziness was the real reason.

Been travelling a bit for work over the last few weeks. Had my first trip to Brunei in early Sept.....if you ever thinking of retirement....Brunei is a place to consider....but that is if you want to bored to death!....hahaha......really really an unhappening city or should i call town.....the town is dead by 7.30 kidding....clubbing is non existence caused this is an Islamic country. The Sultan is freaking rich and his subjects are all well taken care of.... which makes his subject really contented and boring people...As for the gay community, i think all of them are closeted....caused there is really no place to party or hang out!....Oh one thing that left an impression on me was the picture of the would thought that with such wealth she would have been photographed more professionally....but the queen pic that hangs in all government and private offices was really horrendous.....she looked like a made up doll with heavy red cheeks and lots of diamonds....go imagine...maybe next trip i take a pic and share.

Last week was in Singapore over the weekend....ah this is a city I will consider to retire in....really an opposite of Brunei....full of excitements......the gay community is active...just step out of my hotel you will see sistas strutting around....and furthermore, shopping and can shop till you die...But only if you have the dough to retire in Singapore.

So why my blog title......Reflection?

In the last 2 weeks, I have received unfortunate news ....3 of friends had shared bad news....2 was stricken with cancer and one got Hep A....Both the cancer patients (ladies friends) are diagnosed with late stage of with colon and the other with rectum and lung cancer.....and both are just the same age as I am ( late 30s) ....they were both healthy and they were no significant symptoms.....but out of sudden just hits them....and their life crushed....the other guy with Hep A was ok....but it gave us a scare because we were worried for his family ....cos he has a family of young our thought was to the children and wife...what if something seriously happened?

From these got me to sit down and reflect my life....where i am now...where am i going and how and what i need to do..

I shall return....with my thoughts....